Berkeley Centre Health


Our purpose is to offer a comprehensive, high quality service delivered by a broad spectrum of healthcare experts. With the stunning ‘flagship’ location at The Berkeley Centre and outlying satellite clinics our aim is to help as many people as possible in Bristol and the surrounding area. So whether you’re in pain, recovering from surgery or simply want to improve your performance, and whatever your age or level of fitness we have the solution.


‘Our aim is to help you function well and feel better’

Mutual respect for their clinical abilities and professional reputations, coupled with a shared vision to have the most successful “go to” multi-disciplinary health facility in the region, providing positive solutions for their clients, led to Peter and James merging their long established and successful healthcare companies to create BCH.


Treats chronic headaches, RSI, back pain and sports injuries.


Treats a wide spectrum of injuries and conditions.

Spoken Therapies

The Berkeley Centre offers a number of “Spoken Therapies”, allowing people to talk with one of our practitioners.


Achieving effective and long term wellbeing

Physical Therapies

The Berkeley Centre houses some of the most experienced and skilled practitioners in physical therapies, in Bristol.


Berkeley Centre Health offers specialist treatments to help people with health issues or for those needing services from experienced medical practitioners.