Thai Massage/Thai Yoga Massage


Thai massage or Thai yoga massage is also known as the “lazy man’s yoga”. However, you do not need to be flexible or have any experience of yoga to benefit from the treatment. The massage is excellent at releasing muscular aches and pains, increasing flexibility and also improving your health and energy levels.


The treatment works on “Sen” lines or energy lines in the body and is tailored to the needs of each individual. When these energetic pathways are blocked, physical or mental illness/pain can occur. Thai Yoga Massage is used to heal and prevent illness from occurring in the first place.


The energetic pathways in Thai Yoga Massage are very different to those in traditional Chinese and Japanese practices such as Acupuncture and Shiatsu. Thai Yoga Massage has much more in common with the traditional yogic energetic system.


What can I expect from a treatment?


 The full treatment takes two hours which is highly recommended to get the full benefit but shorter treatments are offered. Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is quite different from a lot of the more “westernised” treatments on offer today.


A Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is done fully clothed and you will lie on a comfortable futon on the floor.


The treatment works from the feet upwards. Strong pressure is applied to the body by  “palming” the energy lines. This can feel quite intense but also soothing. You will be brought into yoga stretches to release tension in the whole body.
The treatment works on balancing energy and is a wonderful treatment for stress and anxiety, IBS, frozen shoulder, the list is endless!


Please ensure you do not eat a big meal before the treatment and wear loose comfortable clothing.

Fiona Young
Thai Massage Therapist and Ashtanga Yoga Instructor

Fiona is a specialist in the healing art of Traditional Thai Yoga massage. Fiona learned her trade under Kira Balaskas, the UK's most experienced Thai Yoga Massage practioner and teacher.

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