Sports Injury & Rehabilitation


Here at Berkeley Centre Health we appreciate that getting back to peak performance is an essential part of why many people come to see us. This may be after an injury or surgical procedure. We work closely with the many orthopaedic consultants in Bristol to optimise recovery and will often spend time with them in their clinics or even in theatre with them to keep our knowledge as current as possible.


Integrated multi-disciplinary treatment is essential in resolving chronic sporting injuries.  Designing the most appropriate individual program that you need, achieving a far greater outcome.


We have specialist multi-disciplinary teams for the:

  • Spine
  • Lower back and legs
  • Achy knees
  • Wonky flat feet


Berkeley Centre Health Physiotherapy have over 20 years experience treating sportsmen and women in professional, amateur and recreational sport including:


  • League and Union Rugby players
  • Olympic level skiers, snowboarders and footballers
  • International MMA fighters
  • Gloucestershire Cricket Club
  • National and international Motocross riders
  • English National Ballet School
  • Elite Dancers
  • National and International Triathletes
  • International badminton and table-tennis champions
  • Martial Artists
  • Boxers
  • Elite level runners
  • Elite level swimmers


We will diagnose the problem and provide the specific solution from short term relief to longer term prevention. Working closely with other professionals in the center we can optimise recovery and performance with the most comprehensive service around. We provide orthotics, biomechanical assessment and custom knee bracing with Martin Bell, Sports Nutrition with Kate Elliott, and Sports massage or strength and conditioning with Tim Hill.


If we can’t fix it then we work closely with Bristol’s best Orthopaedic consultants for diagnostic imaging or a surgical solution if necessary

Owen Lynch
Chartered Physiotherapist

Owen has high levels of experience in treating complex musculo -skeletal injuries affecting the body. Her utilises a hand on approach and will work with you through manipulation, exercise and education to improve your understanding and healing of your injury.

Kate Elliot
Nutritionist and wellness advisor

As a trained nurse, Kate has always had a deep interest in health and wellbeing and through her formal CNM training has developed wide ranging understanding of the food substances and mineral requirements to promote tissue regeneration subsequent to injury.
She will guide your food choice and create menus and healthy eating plans with dietary supplements to ensure that you and your family's physical wellbeing is placed first. Healthy tasty recipes don't require complex preparation time, its more about knowing what are the best ingredients to keep in the cupboard and a change of mind set when you pop out for a take-away curry!

Martin Bell
Orthotist - Specialist in Biomechanics and Gait Analysis

Martin provides clinical insight into our gait and posture through video examination of your walking and running. He can identify evidence of hip/buttock weakness or foot instability and provide mechanisms to transform your gait and posture.
He also works for the NHS musculo-skeletal assessment team (5 years) as an extended scope practitioner and expert in biomechanics treating a wide variety of walking, running and sports related injuries.
Martin is a enthusiastic club badminton player and enjoys using his clinical skills to continually improve his speed and agility.

Kate McEwan
Foot Health Practitioner and Reflexologist

A Foot Health treatment aims to restore the feet to a comfortable and pain-free condition, leaving the client feeling pampered. Treatment starts with a toenail cut, including the reduction of thickened nails, and then trimming and shaping the nails into an attractive finish. Any hard skin, callus and corns are removed and advice is given on home care and footwear. The treatment ends with a relaxing foot massage.

Reflexology, aims to restore a balanced flow of energy to all parts of the body by gentle massage of the reflex or energy points on the feet, thus restoring health and vitality.
As an ancient and relaxing holistic therapy Relexology affects the whole body rather than isolaged symptoms. It can help normalize bodily functions.

Craig Randell
Sports Masseuse and Personal Trainer

Discovering and addressing the fundamental area of weakness is key to successful rehabilitation and recovery. Building strength and function progressively allows a speedier recovery.

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