Physiotherapy is the treatment and prevention of injury and disease by natural means. The research evidence shows that physio is providing the answers; the combination of diagnostic, treatment and rehab skills enables us to offer patients a multi-dimensional approach to treating conditions and preventing re-injury.

The Main Aims of Physiotherapy:


  • Alleviate pain and relieve symptoms
  • Restore normal movement
  • Restore and maximise function
  • Maximise sporting performance
  • Return the body to its natural balanced state
  • Promote long term self management to prevent further injury
  • Promote health and well being

Holistic Approach


At Berkeley Centre Health, we provide a holistic approach to treatment. This involves a detailed assessment resulting in a diagnosis and timescale for recovery. We deliver a vast range of techniques and approaches to ensure that a fully holistic approach to your injury is taken.


Preventing re-injury


Berkeley Centre Health is different in the way it treats clients. Rather than simply alleviating the patients symptoms, we identify the underlying causes of the injury. We will provide a solution to the underlying cause of the injury, treat accordingly and reduce the risk of the injury occurring again.




The physiotherapy service at Berkeley Centre Health works within a larger network of other health care professionals including nutritional therapists, rehab specialists, osteopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, hypnotherapists and many more.

The physiotherapy service at Berkeley Centre Health is able to provide a fully holistic approach to treatment through a simple referral to any of the other professionals within our network.

If we are unable to provide the answer we have Bristol’s leading Orthopaedic specialists working closely with us to provide the surgical solution if necessary.

Owen Lynch
Chartered Physiotherapist

The majority of Owen’s clinical experience is treating sports injuries, work-related injuries and back/neck pain.

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