Personal Training – Kettlebells & Kinetics


Come and join us and train in our purpose built training conservatory. Build your strength, confidence and enjoy the new body contours!


Kettlebells get results! If you want to burn fat, increase muscle tone, improve sporting performance or get functionally strong. The exercises focus on building shoulder stability, core and glute strength, so will also help improve speed, power and posture when used correctly.


Kettlebells train muscles in the same way that we move. So by using them you will become functionally fit and strong. Kettlebells utilise whole body movements, which means they are also very good for training movements that you find in sports, similar to the Olympic style lifts and at a fraction of the cost. They also do not require quite the same element of skill and flexibility as the olympic lifts but still deliver many of the same benefits. Naturally, because your whole body is used in the exercises, they are big calorie burners.


They also take up very little room as they are only about the same size of a plant pot. If you are short of space, you will receive the benefits of a great cardio and a strength workout without the need to leave your own home as they can easily be used indoors.

Craig Randell
Personal Trainer and Sports Masseuse

Losing muscle mass is easy.
Developing muscle is a bit harder
Building control, flexibility and endurance is really difficult..... and you'll need my help for that!

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