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If you think that your office environment is contributing to your back, neck or shoulder symptoms, or you are worried that your posture at work will lead to back problems in the future, get in touch with us to arrange a consultation in your workplace, it is likely that your employer will even pay for it for you!




Ill-health costs employers millions of pounds through lost work-time. It also leads to lower productivity from staff who ‘battle on’ with back pain, upper limb disorders and other conditions. Many employers are re-active to problems that arise but unfortunately are not pro-active enough before hand. Our Office Clinic can save money on inappropriate office devices and chairs as well as preventing injuries from occurring. This will not only demonstrate your compliance to legislation and reduce litigation, but improve your staff retention and employee performance.


What does Berkeley Centre Health Physiotherapy Office Clinic provide?


Our Office Clinic is unique in that it is provided by Chartered Physiotherapists whose clinical expertise and experience in dealing with muscle and joint pain, enables us to not only prevent injury, but also enhance health and well-being in the workplace.


The Service includes:


  • Assessment of the effect of your current work environment on your physical health.
  • Assessment of the suitability of your current workstation equipment.


Tailored advice on:


  • How to set up seat and table height.
  • How to arrange desk and monitor height/ position on desk.
  • The use of lap top stand and docking stations (where appropriate).
  • The use of wrist rests for keyboards and mouse use.
  • The use of telephony equipment.
  • How and why to stretch at work.
  • General exercise and how to avoid injuries.
  • Lifting technique.


Our service is tailored to Small and Medium sized businesses in the Greater Bristol area. You can see comments from Moore Stephens in the section below.


Whilst our service includes assessment of office equipment, we are not in the business of selling office equipment, so you can be assured that any advice we provide is purely on the basis of employee need, rather than sales.  Where the purchase of office equipment is necessary, we will refer you to low cost providers.  In most cases the purchase of expensive equipment is simply not necessary.

Owen Lynch
Chartered Physiotherapist

Owen is an expert in ergonomics and treating work-related injuries. His treatment's are tailored to suit the demands of your work.

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