Nutritional Therapy


Our practitioners at Berkeley Centre Health provide expert nutritional advice for our patients. We can tailor what you eat and drink to deal with many problems including weight managment, IBS and problems with energy and sleep.

Kate Elliott

Naturopathic Nutrition involves looking at all areas of life including the food we eat, what we drink, exercise levels, sleep quality, how we spend our time, how we relax and our emotional health. Our well-being can be greatly improved when we spend time making small changes in any or all of these areas.
As a Nutritional Therapist I will help and motivate you to gain the tools to make these changes. Encouraging you to work towards better health and for you to feel your best. The process of spending time improving the way you feel is a wonderful experience that I have the privilege of sharing with you, each step is positive action in the right direction.
As a trained nurse, Kate has always had a deep interest in health and wellbeing and through her formal CNM training has developed wide ranging understanding of the food substances and mineral requirements to promote a healthy lifestyle.
She will guide your food choice and create menus and healthy eating plans with dietary supplements to ensure that you and your family's physical wellbeing is placed first. Healthy tasty recipes don't require complex preparation time, its more about knowing what are the best ingredients to keep in the cupboard and a change of mind set when you pop out for a take-away curry!

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