Reflexology is an ancient and relaxing therapy that can help improve circulation and help normalise bodily functions. It is a holistic therapy which addresses the whole body rather than isolated symptoms is a deeply relaxing therapy which massages the feet in order to treat the body. Working on the principle that the feet are a reflection of the body and its systems, Reflexology uses thumb and finger techniques on specific reflex points on the feet, to stimulate the body toward equilibrium and to promote healing.


Reflexology can be helpful for many conditions both physical and emotional it can help[ you relax, revitalise, de-toxify, tone, balance vitality and triggers a healthy response which allows the you to change and get better..

Why Reflexology?

  • Alleviate pain and reduce symptoms.
  • Improve circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Increase well-being
  • Improve relaxion


Reflexologists work on the feet to affect the energy systems of the body, in much the same way that an acupuncturist uses needles to facilitate change.

Reflexology is a form of structured foot massage which targets problem areas of the body to help improve symptoms, but as a holistic treatment, can also have an impact on many issues at once.

Our Reflexologists work in partnership with the other practitioners in the Berkeley Centre, and will refer client’s for other treatments if the need arises.

Kate McEwan

Throughout her fourteen years working as a Reflexologist, Kate has worked with a huge variety of clients, with all kinds of health issues, especially working with fertility and pregnancy problems.

In addition to the classic Reflexology, she has attended postgraduate workshops on fertility, maternity reflexology and advanced maternity reflexology.
In 2016 Kate published her first book, ``A Single Step, How to Look After Your Health Through Your Feet``, an introduction to Reflexology and Foot Healthcare.

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