Physiotherapy in Bristol


Physiotherapy at Berkeley Centre Health


At Berkeley Centre Health we offer a wide range of therapies and treatments.


Physiotherapy can treat the whole of the body but typically concentrates on the relationship between muscles and bones (musculo-skeletal system)


We have several musculo-skeletal specialists at Berkeley centre health including Owen Lynch (physiotherapist), Sophie Sheldrake (physiotherapist), Martin Bell (Orthotist)and Dan Jacobs (Sports Therapist), Adam Carter (osteopath)


With a choice of practitioners, this ensures that you are able to choose a therapist that’s right for you be that, male or female. Each member of our clinical team is able to offer a unique interest and speciality with huge experience in treating  injury arising from:


Running & walking

Poor posture,

office place injuries,

Racket Sports



Gymnastics and circus arial silks

Martial Arts


You can also discuss other complementary treatments from other therapists located at our Centre which may be of benefit. We offer holistic or sports massage, osteopathy , bio-mechanical gait analysis, and a McTimoney Chiropractor.


There are of course many physiotherapists in Bristol, but we know that by having several practitioners to choose from as well as complementary therapists based at our location we can offer the best service to our clients. This means that any other related treatment they may require is available in one location for convenience with our aim to get you back to full health as quickly as possible.


Being in pain, besides the obvious, is also inconvenient. It can stop or hinder you from working and enjoying your life in the way that you would wish to and can have a immense detrimental impact on mental health.


From the moment we connect, we ensure that the right process for recovery is undertaken. We will provide the best advice and guidance for you to achieve your personal road to recovery as quickly as possible. Our convenient and comfortable location will ensure that your journey with us is professional, friendly and of course as pleasant as possible. (really nice Dude!!)


After your treatment is complete your therapist will discuss an ongoing plan for you, possibly with a range of exercises which will strengthen your body to improve your strength and decrease the possibility of your injury reoccurring.


If you would simply just like to call and speak to somebody here for information of how we could help as well as what you can expect in the process, then please give us a ring on 0117 370 1177 or email


We will be delighted to give you the help and support you need.