Will my therapist be fully qualified?

Yes, all practitioners at Berkeley Centre Health will be fully qualified and insured. 

All Orthotists & Physiotherapist’s and foot care practitioners are fully qualified and registered by their own professional bodies and regulated and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

What should I wear for my appointment?

Specialised clothing is subject to the therapy that you have.

For physical therapies such as Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, wear loose comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement. During assessment and treatment, your therapist will need to examine the affected area. Your modesty will be maintained at all times.

For Gait analysis or PT sessions it may be best to bring Leggings, Shorts and t-shirts/vest tops are normally the best option and trainers.

Can I shower off after my session?

Yes, we have lovely facilities that you are free to make use of. Towels are provided.

How do I book?

You can book in several ways…

      Call the reception 0117 370 1177
      Email  info@berkeleycentrehealth.com
      Contact your practitioner directly


Can I use my private medical insurance to pay for Treatment?

 Yes, we accept most major private medical insurers.

If you have any queries or you are not sure whether your insurance company would be able to cover your sessions call the reception for more information.


How long are the sessions?

The length of the session depends on the service being provided and the practitioner.

Most sessions are either 30 mins or 1 hour long.

Please ask at reception for specific times for each practitioner or check their own web sites.


Is there parking available?

Yes, there is plenty of metered parking around Berkeley Square or on Park Street. Arrive a few minutes early, parking meters can often become clogged but you can always pay for parking via phone.


Do I have to have a referral from a doctor or consultant for treatment?

No, you can simply book in yourself.

If you have a referral, please bring any correspondence to the first appointment. For example, doctor’s letters, scan results, radiologist reports etc.


Where do I go when I first arrive at the Centre?

Berkeley Centre Health is located in the basement of number 3 Berkeley Square. Walk down 12 stairs from the pavement and reception staff will greet you in the basement. Feel free to help yourself to the refreshments in the reception area whilst you wait. The receptionist will then let you know which treatment room to go to.


Can I phone with queries?

Yes, if you call the reception number we will be happy to answer any queries.

In the case of an emergency, most practitioners can be contacted directly.

All contact details are located on the ‘contact’ page


How many treatments will I need to get better?

Through evidenced based research Practitioners will know approximate healing times of certain tissues in your body, and will be able to give an approximate prognosis.

However, every single case is different as healing times are greatly influenced by external factors: rest, exercise, age, diet etc

Is there Wheelchair Access to the clinic?

No, I’m sorry there is no wheelchair access possible to the clinic.  We are located in the basement of No.3 Berkeley square and have 12 steps to walk down from the pavement to reach us.  We are unfortunately unable to have a treatment room on the ground floor.


How much is it and how can I pay?

Prices differ for each service provided.

For more specific information on prices, please ask the reception or your practitioner.

You can pay by cash, card or cheque. Or if you have private health insurance, this may well cover the cost of your physiotherapy/osteopathy or chiropractic treatments (please check the specifics on your health insurance package to see if they cover your treatment to avoid disappointment).


Do you treat patients of all ages?

The age range that can be treated is subject to the practitioner. Please ask either the reception or the practitioner in advance if you are unsure whether you are suitable.


Can I bring a friend with me?

Absolutely, It is sometimes really useful to have a friend with you during a new treatment or to help remember details of what can be quite a complex conversation.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

There is a 48hr cancellation policy. Any late cancellations or missed appointments are liable to a full charge.

In exceptional circumstances the fee may be waived (This is subject to the practitioner).