Multi-disciplinary, Sports Injury & Rehabilitation Team


Within Berkeley Centre Health we recognise that shared learning and team working is essential to resolving complex clinical conditions epecially when they have developed over many years.  We appreciate that getting back to peak performance is an essential part of why many people come to see us. This may be after an injury or trauma sustained during sport or after a planned surgical procedure.


We have therefore developed trusted relationships with related professionals to provide integrated holistic care and treatment plans.  As required, we can hold team conferences regarding a single client with note sharing between practitioners when appropriate.  All clinic notes remain confidential unless consent is given for them to be shared with another clinician.


Sport is an essential part of our lives as well as yours so we understand what it feels like when you are told its not possible.  We are skilled to help you to improve your running technique or develop greater strength and accuracy in sport but our focus will always be to help protect against re-injury.


Integrated multi-disciplinary treatment is essential in resolving complex or chronic sporting injuries.  Our team can designing the most appropriate tailored treatment program that you need, achieving a far greater outcome.


We have specialist multi-disciplinary teams for the:


  • Neck & spine
  • Shoulder and arm
  • Lower back and legs
  • Achy knees
  • Poor balance & poor foot posture


If we can’t fix it then we work closely with Bristol’s best Orthopaedic consultants for diagnostic imaging or a surgical solution if necessary.  We work closely with the many orthopaedic consultants in Bristol to optimise recovery and will often spend time with them in their clinics or even in theatre with them to keep our knowledge as current as possible.


Berkeley Centre Health have over 20 years experience treating sportsmen and women in professional, amateur and competitive recreational sport including:

  • League and Union Rugby players
  • Olympic level skiers, snowboarders and footballers, swimmers
  • International MMA fighters
  • Gloucestershire Cricket Club
  • National and international Motocross riders
  • English National Ballet School
  • Elite Dancers
  • National and International Triathletes
  • International badminton and table-tennis champions
  • Martial Artists
  • Boxers
  • Elite level runners
  • Elite level swimmers
  • Tri-athletics


We believe that close working relationships with other allied health professionals is instrumental to ensure the fastest recovery from complex injury, particularly when injury is undermined by balance or fatigue.


We are proud to be able to provide a comprehensive multi-disciplinary team of experts in Bristol.


We offer Physiotherapy to help heal injury, Video Gait Analysis to observe how you fatigue in running, Orthotics to restore biomechanical alignment, Sports Nutrition to promote healing, Sports Therapy to treat muscular overwork, Personal Training to learn who to build strength, Sports Massage to reduce stress.


We will diagnose your problem and provide the specific solution from short term relief to longer term prevention and get you  back as quickly as possible to the sport you love.

Martin Bell
Clinical Director Orthotist, Specialist in Biomechanics
Adam Carter
Kate Elliot
Nutritionist and wellness advisor
Owen Lynch
Senior Physiotherapist
Kate McEwan
Foot Health Practitioner and Reflexologist
Gemma Graham
Daniel Jacobs
Sports Therapist
Craig Randell
Personal Trainer & Sports Masseuse
Adam Carter

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