Physiotherapy at Berkeley Centre Health



At Berkeley Centre Health, we provide a holistic approach to treatment. This involves a detailed assessment resulting in a diagnosis and timescale for recovery. We deliver a vast range of techniques and approaches to ensure that a fully holistic approach to your injury is taken.


We will initially conduct an assessment to evaluate how we can help and discuss a treatment plan with you.  This will involve manipulative therapy and soft tissue release and you may prefer to wear your sports kit.


All our therapists are Movement Specialists, expert in the assessment and diagnosis of a wide variety of injuries and physical conditions.  To help improve your health at work we can conduct an assessment of your workplace and advise apporpriate desk and chair set up or for cycling protect your back with a custom bike set up.


Physiotherapy is separated into 3 main disciplines: SPORTS PHYSIO | OFFICE PHYSIO | MUSCULO-SKELETAL 

Why Physiotherapy?

  • Alleviate pain and relieve symptoms
  • Restore normal movement
  • Restore and maximise function
  • Maximise sporting performance
  • Return the body to its natural balanced state
  • Promote long term self management to prevent further injury
  • Promote health and well being


Physiotherapist are specialists in conservative management, offering treatments to prevent the need for surgery.   Registered with the Health Professional and Care Council (HCPC) our physiotherapists provide evidence based treatment to ensure your safe and speedy return to health.


Physiotherapy is often at its most effective when it’s used in conjunction with other treatments.  We work therefore within a larger network of affiliated health care professionals, each one experts in their field, including nutritional therapist, personal trainer, osteopath, chiropractor, orthotistmassage therapist, sports therapist, relexologist and acupuncture so we can put together a complete programme to help build your recovery as quickly as possible.

Owen Lynch
Senior Physiotherapist

Sports Physiotherapy

We have  20+ years experience with helping people with Physiotherapy in Bristol.  Our team are ready to help assess your condition or sports injury and get you back to fitness as soon as possible. Book your appointment now!

Office Physiotherapy

Many people spend hours sitting at a desk. This can result in a variety of conditions. We can help to improve your posture, treat the affected areas and give you expert advice for ongoing maintenance.


The use of Acupuncture within Physiotherapy treatment enhances the body’s ability to repair and promotes an improved recovery time, aiding other treatments to achieve the best outcome for the patient.