We appreciate that not all injuries are the same and some are more complex than others.  We give discounts for NHS, military and Love Runners.


Acute injuries (sustained recently) are typically more straightforward to assess and faster to treat, requiring less time commitment from both practitioner and client.  Appointments for assessment and treatment are typically 30 minutes in duration. (£45)

Some chronic conditions, however, are highly complex and may have taken years to develop, requiring a greater investment from practitioner and client of time and effort to address the underlying cause.  Appointments for initial assessment for complex cases is typically 1 hour and review appointments may be 30 or 60 minutes dependant on your individual needs.


Typically a 30min appointment costs £45, and a 1 hour appointment will cost £85

Custom-made Orthotic insoles if recommended by your practitioner vary from £190-350 dependant on complexity.

1 hr coached rehabilitation training session combined with sports massage  – £65


Please call to discuss your needs with our understanding reception team or contact us by emailing us HERE.

Why Physiotherapy?

  • Specialists in chronic injury management
  • Alleviate pain and relieve symptoms
  • Restore normal function
  • Fast return to fitness
  • Maximise sporting performance
  • Promote health and well being


We work  within a large network of affiliated health care professionals, each one an expert in their field, including nutritional therapist, personal trainer, osteopathchiropractororthotistmassage therapistsports therapistrelexologist and acupuncture specialists.

We promise to treat you fairly, and respect your best interests.  We will review your treatment and progress and discuss with you before recommending further episodes of treatment.


We have  20+ years experience with helping people with Physiotherapy in Bristol.  Our team are ready to help assess your condition or sports injury and get you back to fitness as soon as possible.

Biomechanics and Gait

Receive expert guidance to help transform the way you walk or run.  Break old habits and learn to improve your efficiency and work to reduce the forces that aggravate  and inflame painful joints.

Sport Therapy

Offering specialist treatments for sport related and non-sporting injuries such as ligament or muscle tears, as well as common conditions including back, shoulder, neck and joint pain.