Plagiocephaly & Brachicephaly


Plagiocephaly is a form of ‘flat head syndrome’, where your baby has an asymmetry of the head shape. Typically one side of the head is flatter than the other. ‘Plagio’ comes from the Greek, meaning ‘slanting’ or ‘oblique’.


At about eight weeks of age, you may notice that your baby’s head seems slightly wide, that an ear is pushed forward on one side or that the brow is more prominent on one side. If suspect that your baby has a head deformity you are entitled to a free initial orthotic consultation. During this session your childs head will be measured, scanned and treatment options discussed. A custom made helmet (timband) can be fabricated to allow your childs head to grow and develop to normal proportions.


If your baby has a tight neck muscle on one side, this is a muscular disorder called Torticollis, requiring a paediatric Physiotherapist to assess and treat the deformity. Paediatric Cranial Osteopathy is also of significant benefit to aid your childs healing and promote increased movement of the skull promoting improved cranial nerve and jaw development.

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