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Footworks Orthotics Martin Bell BSc Hons MBAPO HCPC Reg.

Martin has received international recognition for his passionate plea to improve the way we walk. It doesn’t matter wether you are an elite runner, dog walker or just love wearing a nice pair of heels … The beautiful system that moves us is exactly the same.  Our gait shouldn’t be lumpy and awkward, we are made to run and move freely and smoothly.

Learn about the goldfish technique here.


Observing how we move is critical to the understanding of why we suffer injury during such a basic task as walking or running.  Clinical video gait analysis is used to gain a deeper revelation into exactly how we move and therefore how to identify and correct treat muscular weakness or joint dysfunction.


Poor leg and foot posture, can dramatically de-stabilise the way you walk and trigger weakness that can gradually reduce your balance and increase tiredness.  Your feet have 2 gears, pronation and suppination. (Martin calls them coffee mode and sports mode).  We either walk being pulled (front wheel drive) or we are pushed along by our buttocks (rear wheel drive!)
Martin prescribes orthotic insoles to correct undesired alignment of feet, increasing knee and hip stability and working only in conjunction with a tailored rehabilitation program. He will identify evidence of hip/buttock weakness or foot instability and provide mechanisms to transform your gait and posture.


Weak legs (Lower Kinetic Chain Dysfunction)

Poor lower leg stability exacerbated by muscular weakness or joint hypermobility can upset the stability of your leg.  A gradual onset of hip and buttock weakness  can trigger Low back pain, hip pain, anterior knee pain and all sorts of painful foot and ankle problems.

Video Gait Analysis communicates this information visually and in conjunction with a strengthening program of rehabilitation exercises can effectively treat this complex condition. Prescribed custom made orthotic insoles are often used to enhance knee and hip control.

Paediatric Consultation

Does your child frequently stumble, suffer with poor balance or have difficulty running?

Berkeley Centre Health successfully treats children suffering with poor knee control and sporting performance. Many conditions can be successfully treated with education and exercise. Sophisticated video gait analysis is used for older children to permit closer examination of running and walking technique. Orthotic insoles are prescribed to compensate for the effects of joint dysfunction and restore leg control. A tailored rehabilitation program provides the foundation for the development of increased muscular control which will further aid your child’s progress.


Leg pain in children

Heel Pain: Sever’s Disease: girls age 8 – 13 and boys 10 to 15.

Although the name might sound pretty frightening, Sever’s disease is really a common heel injury that occurs in children. It can be painful, but is only temporary and has no long-term effects.

Sever’s disease, also called calcaneal apophysitis, is a painful bone disorder that results from inflammation (swelling) of the growth plate in the heel. This is a common cause of heel pain in growing kids, especially those who are physically active.

What to bring to your appointment

Bring your sports kit, short or leggings with a couple of pairs of shoes (1 work and 1 play).

Initial Appointments – 60min

Follow up  – Routine Appointment – 30min

Follow up  – Coaching Session – 60min

Martin Bell

I teach my clients to transform the way they move, enhancing their current function through the careful design of Orthotic insoles.

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