Berkeley Centre Health

“A place to relax and revive!”


Berkeley Centre Health offers the highest quality treatments delivered by expert healthcare practitioners located in an exclusive corner of Bristol.


Whether you’re in pain, recovering from surgery or simply want to improve your health and wellbeing,  we have a solution that can be tailored for your needs and delivered quickly and efficiently. Consult with one of our clinical experts to understand how we can also help protect you from re-injury.


We understand that often a single discipline is not sufficient to provide you the best outcome.  Within Berkeley Centre Health we work as a team delivering hands on specialist physical therapies from expert practitioners across wide ranging such as Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Orthotics & Biomechanics and Sports Therapy to give you the quickest recovery following injury.


Experience Acupuncture, Reflexology and benefit from a Foot Health consultation or consider meeting with our highly experienced counsellors and personal development coaches in a quiet peaceful setting.  We offer the most up to date Aesthetic treatments available, delivered by caring  and compassionate practitioners.


Relax. You are in the care of experts.


Revive your body and live!


Why trust us?

Berkeley Centre Health have over 20 years experience treating sportsmen and women in professional, amateur and recreational sport.

Each practitioner within Berkeley Centre Health shows excellence in their chosen field and can justifiably be called an expert.

We treat our clients as an individuals and your care and wellbeing comes first to us.


We have developed trusted relationships with related professionals to provide integrated holistic care and treatment plans. Our team can designing the most appropriate tailored treatment program that you need, achieving a far greater outcome.

Our practitioners maintain their knowledge and training by attending UK and international courses to ensure that the advice they give to you is current, proven and effective.




 Berkeley Centre Health is proud  to support LOVE RUNNING.

Love Runners enjoy a healthy 10% reduction from physio, running video gait analysis, personal training and sports massage.


The concept is simple – a mass entry into the Great Bristol 10k to raise money for the poor, the oppressed and the needy. It’s about engaging with our communities, making a difference to people’s lives, and doing ourselves some good while we’re at it.



This is the fifth Love Running in Bristol, and since it started it has seen over 2,000 people running and raised close to half a million pounds for those that need it the most.


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